About Us

Cregle is a company devoted to helping people around the world realize their full potential through digital technology, whether they be artists, students, teachers, engineers, or businesspeople. Therefore, we have combined the best aspects of traditional writing tools with the latest advances in touch pen technology to develop high quality styluses that can accommodate the needs of a wide and diverse audience.

Our Mission

At Cregle, we believe that greatness starts with the simplest of tools: pen and paper. From Da Vinci sketching the Vitruvian Man to the Wright Brothers drafting the plans for the first airplane, pen on paper has been the most fundamental method for creating and innovating in business, education, and the arts.

Our mission is to adapt this tried and tested method to the world of modern technology by eliminating the constraints of inconvenient keyboards and returning the spontaneity and intimacy of using pen and paper back to you, wherever you are from and whoever you may be.

Our Styluses

An action as simple as taking notes, or even doodling, enables us to remember, comprehend, and synthesize what we learn and what we know. However, the high level of concentration required to take notes with pen and paper can sometimes hinder productivity rather than facilitate it, which is why we strive to provide multifunctional styluses that can help you concentrate on more important tasks, while still taking thorough notes that you can easily share with your friends, coworkers, or team members.

Not only can note-takers use our styluses to their advantage, but artists can too. The hassle of carting around traditional materials and equipment such as paint and easels can slow the progress of masterpieces in the making. For this reason, we at Cregle have taken all the painting and drawing tools you have ever wanted or needed and put them into a single stylus that can be used wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.  

What’s Next?

Cregle is continuously growing and expanding, and we have hundreds of ideas for new products that will revolutionize the way people innovate, collaborate, and communicate. We invite you to join us on our journey to discovering a world of limitless possibilities.

Got questions or comments? E-mail sales@cregle.com and we will happily answer all of your inquiries.