For the past few months, Cregle has gone through several business changes. We decide to license iPen technology to our partners to foster market acceptance. We are currently wrapping up our development of licensing module for large display form factor, such as iMac and MacBook. We will have further update coming out soon.

We have decided to upgrade the performance of our iMac receiver by converting it from the original wireless design into a wired version. The new wired version has far superior battery life and a much more pleasing aesthetic.

We are working on finalizing the customized cable for the iMac receiver. This special design cable will have six interior wires for power and communication between the iMac and iPen. Once we ascertain the exact dimension of this customized cable, we will finalize the iMac receiver design; a design which will not only allow for optimal performance, but will be sleek and attractive as well (as the receiver does not house a battery).

Below you’ll find the stylus stand and charger for the iMac model, which will allow for easy storing and charging of your iPen. We look forward to bringing you the next update which will include our progress and images of our newly designed receiver.

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Our primary focus is, as ever, the iPen 2. While we have been beset with delays, and incurred significant additional costs - we made the decision from Day 1 that we would rather delay the release of the iPen 2 than to compromise quality. We greatly appreciate your continued patience and support.

We launched the Cregle ‘ink’ for the following reasons:

  1. To raise additional funds to support the continued development of the iPen 2
  2. To gain brand awareness among general users
  3. To take advantage of technology we had already perfected
  4. To take advantage of the market awareness for general use fine-tipped styluses following Adonit’s release of the Jot Script

This month marks the 20th month that the iPen 2 has been in development and we are now within striking distance of our goal. The iPen 2 tests head and shoulders above other styluses on the market. Other brands, like the Jot Script, have less accuracy and no pressure sensitive. We can’t wait to show you, our faithful supporters, and the market where our long journey has taken us.

An additional infusion of capital will help us run this race faster as we sprint to the finish. We are tapping every last resource to complete this project, and to complete it right. Any help you can provide in directing potential partners or investors to us on AngelList at would be greatly appreciated.    

“Winners get up one more time than they are knocked down.” We are rising to our feet for the final time and would be grateful for a helping hand.

Additional Receiver Holder for iPad Model

As we mentioned in Update #27, we have re-engineered our receiver to add extra support and ensure peak performance. The images below show how the receiver now comes with a transparent supporting enclosure that securely attaches to the iPad. The iPad 4 and iPad Air model will use the identical receiver with a different replaceable enclosure.

The 30-pin receiver, on the other hand, is different from the Lightning connector and requires a completely different mechanical design and tooling, which will cost an additional $50,000 to develop. The 30-pin iPad models will require a Bluetooth receiver which we will build as our business grows or with an infusion of additional capital. The overwhelming majority of those with 30-pin models have switched to the iPad 4 and iPad Air which our current designs accommodate.

Revised Stylus Design for Better Charging

During our continuous testing with the iPen 2, we found that inappropriate placement of the stylus into the charging chamber would result in an unsatisfactory charge. To ensure the proper charge of the stylus, we revised the pen cap design as shown below. This final design provides a cleaner look and will further optimize the user experience.

Stylus Charging Chamber

iMac model Development

Our development with the iPad model is mostly done, and we are now picking up our pace with regard to iMac model development. We will update you as soon as we have any news ‘fit to print’.


From all of us here at Cregle - Happy Holidays to you and to yours.