Final design and release schedule

We understand everyone is anxious to receive iPen 2, and the unexpected delay is making all of us frustrated. Now we have the final design with several benefits. First, the stylus is much easier to hold with enlarged rubber strip. And we adjust the side button to half inch higher to avoid accidental click. Second, the new receiver design can fit into many of your existing iPad case. It is very likely to fit into the incoming iPad 5. The new design will also be compatible with iPad mini, but we will release a smaller receiver exclusive for iPad mini in near future. This design change is the most difficult decision we have to make, but its versatility is a cost-benefit merit to all of us. For iMac model, please expect a totally new ear-plugged design soon. We intend to have the new miniscule receiver blend perfectly into your iMac screen and other glass screens.


The tooling will take 45 days to commercialize iPen 2. With the following required tasks, we can only expect to deliver iPen 2 (both iPad & iMac models) by this November:

  • Send demo samples to app developers for evaluation and integration by September 30. Those app developers include Adobe, Art Studio, Good Notes, ibisPaint, Noteshelf, Notes Plus, Procreate and Sketchbook.
  • Submit final MFi process by October 17 for Apple approval.
  • File FCC by October 17.
  • Complete final testing by October 31.

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