The iMac Model Development – Part I

In last week’s update, we did not cover the development status of iMac model as we were gathering information from our suppliers. Different from iPad model, the iMac model is compatible with most applications in Mac OS and Windows. We see less challenges in the iMac model’s software integration, but much difficulties in the hardware design.

First, the iMac receiver requires flexible battery similar to the incoming iWatch’s battery. We are now working with battery manufacturer to customize the iMac receiver battery. Second, the receiver works like wireless speaker, which can only be turn on with speaker's soft key once it goes to sleep mode. That being said, if we program the receiver into sleep mode in order to save the battery power, we will have to physically touch the receiver to wake it up. Too bad we can't activate the receiver by just clicking the pen tip :-(  To extend the battery life, we are working on more user-friendly method for power management. If you have any brilliant ideas, please let us know.

Lastly, as we mentioned earlier, the new iMac does not have magnets attached internally on its screen corner. In addition to accommodate new iMac design, we have to ensure that the receiver can be attached and detached easily without damaging the beautiful screen. After testing with several bonding materials, we decide to use suction cups so the receiver can attach to iMac more securely and safely. Once again, we would love your feedback to create this well designed and practical tool.

Due to the delay of stylus tooling, the iMac model delivery date will also fall into this September. We want to use these few more months wisely to deal with the challenges above. We are a small and hard-working team. As we make iPen 2 a reality with your support, we need helping hands to accelerate our growth. Please help us to spread the words so we can attract more talents.

Have a wonderful day,


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