ibisPaint-iPen 2 Integration Complete!

We are happy to announce that the painting app ibisPaint has integrated the iPen 2! ibisPaint is a unique and highly regarded app for artists of all skill levels and allows users to not only paint, but record the entire artistic process on their iPad or Android. In addition, ibisPaint X is offered as a free app. For those who wish to have an ad-free experience, the ibisPaint app is available for purchase at the low cost of $3.99, making ibisPaint a both affordable and high-quality digital painting app.

ibisPaint offers numerous features that are essential for any artist, such as the ability to draw on separate layers, customize brushes, adjust opacity, blend colors, import images, zoom, and much more. In addition, ibisPaint users can upload and share their work and time-lapsed videos of their drawing process on ibisPaint’s website. Thus, artists can interact with others within the ibisPaint community and collectively create a gallery that everyone on the web can view and appreciate.

Check out their gallery of weekly top-rated works of art here: http://ibispaint.com/art/weekly.jsp

admin Cregle
admin Cregle