iPen 2 – iPad model mass production update 2014.10.30

Dear Customer,

We are happy to announce that the USB ID issue that we mentioned in our previous update has been resolved, and we are continuing to move closer to the release of the much anticipated iPen 2.

Currently, we are conducting extensive tests to ensure the quality of the iPen 2. As shown in Fig. 1 below, we have constructed a highly effective fixture that allows us to test the functionality and performance of the iPen 2 battery. In addition, we are using this fixture to measure the charging time of the battery.

Figure 1. Charging fixture

Figure 1. Charging Fixture

We have also developed new software for testing the iPen 2 in different scenarios, such as when the iPen 2 is held in various positions. This innovative software has been combined with a special testing fixture, as shown in Fig. 2 below, to enhance the testing capabilities of the software. By using this fixture, we are able to test the pressure sensitivity of the iPen 2 as well as the consistency of the performance between each stylus.

Figure 2. iPen 2 Testing fixture

Figure 2. iPen 2 Testing Fixture

The fixtures shown in these figures will help us to provide you with a high-quality, easy-to-use end product that will satisfy the diverse needs of students, artists, and professionals in various fields.

We are very excited about the continual progress that is being made in the production of the iPen 2, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you as we near the completion of this incredible stylus.

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admin Cregle