Learning with tablet & stylus...

For centuries, schools have used the same materials and methods year after year to teach students, and students have accepted these materials as the norm during their pursuit of knowledge. Textbooks, pen, and paper are the staple of any classroom, and while the methods involving these supplies have been tried and tested, the advent of consumer electronics has revolutionized the manner in which teachers and students work in a classroom setting. One of the most accessible and useful devices that has been developed over the past few decades is the computer tablet. While tablets may not have originally been intended for classroom use, many schools have experimented with the unique method of using these tablets to enhance learning, and have yielded positive results.

In 2010, nearly 80% of students reported that using the iPad enhanced their learning experience, according to a study by Oklahoma State University.

The University of California, Irvine revealed that medical students who used iPads for their schoolwork scored an average of 23% higher on national exams than previous classes, in which iPads were not used.

Furthermore, 81% and 86% of teachers and students, respectively, stated that they believe tablets can enrich classroom learning and facilitate efficient studying.

All of these studies indicate that the use of tablets in the classroom is essential for improving students’ learning experience and academic performance. Among the various ways in which tablets can be applied in an academic setting, tablets can serve as an effective replacement for textbooks. However, replacing physical textbooks with digital textbooks will necessitate the replacement of traditional note-taking tools, such as the pen. Pen and paper are the most basic and necessary materials for studying, and digital note taking must accommodate the use of such materials. The development of styluses has fulfilled this need and ensures that students and teachers will have access to a tool that can be used effectively for the pursuit of academic success.

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