Digital Painting in Mobility - Part II

Professional artists around the world have discovered the unlimited potential of digital painting. Today, concept artists for major productions such as video games and films have adopted digital art techniques and technology to deliver their masterpieces.

Artist and illustrator Sav Scatola has also used digital art apps to create beautiful works of art. His Green Dragon Sketch appears to have been painted using a traditional canvas and paint, but in reality, he has simulated brush strokes and the texture of paint with the help of the ArtRage Pro app.

We had the honor of interviewing Mr. Scatola and he provided an abundance of insightful information on his experience with digital painting:

Q: How would you compare traditional and digital painting? 

Mr. Scatola: The first time I opened Photoshop and saw a brush icon in the toolbox and an empty canvas, I understood that the computer could simply be another tool used to create images. To me they have always been different aspects of the same thing.

Q: Do you believe digital painting has any specific advantages?

Mr. Scatola: Yes. Creating digital art is quicker and more flexible because you can resize, undo, redo and edit your work non destructively.

Q: What features do you think a good stylus possesses (ex. pressure sensitivity)? 

Mr. Scatola: Pressure sensitivity is very much an advantage but not essential. As long as the app you're using supports painting with variable opacity & brush size you can work in almost any style, even without pressure sensitivity. The weight and build quality of a stylus is important but I can't exactly explain why. All I know is that those early iPad styluses - short sticks with fat rubber tips - were actually less useful than my finger! These days styluses are more like conventional pens and pencils which immediately makes them familiar and more comfortable.

Mr. Scatola’s responses clearly indicate that traditional art and digital art are both reputable forms of artistic expression, and that they are essentially two sides of the same coin. Those who have yet to explore the world of digital painting can be assured that it is a worthwhile endeavor, and modern technology developed specifically for artists can help them achieve this goal.

Green Dragon Sketch (ArtRage Pro) by Sav Scatola

Sav Scatola:

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