iPen 2 – iPad model mass production update 2014/10

iPen production is progressing as planned and we are currently at the optimization stage.

The stylus design is being refined further and is nearly finalized, after which we can begin testing the completed product. Previously, the assembly of the receiver and frame was one of our primary concerns; however, we were able to apply an effective assembly fixture to improve this process. Presently, we are conducting in-depth analyses on inconsistencies in the performance of the stylus’s electrical components. In addition, we are testing the pressure sensitivity of the stylus to ensure that it exhibits the highest quality performance by the time it is delivered to customers.

We are also in the process of reapplying for Apple’s MFi licensing program to authorize the use of the iPen 2 with Apple products, specifically Apple’s Lightning connector. Although we previously obtained authorization, Apple recently updated their program requirements and we must now obtain a USB ID, provided by the USB Implementers Forum, for the iPen 2 receiver. Therefore, we are utilizing all of our available resources and contacting multiple vendors in order to complete the MFi licensing program.

At this stage, we are making extensive efforts to perfect every aspect of the iPen 2 prior to mass production and shipment, and we are taking the final steps toward completing the various legal processes required for the release of the iPen 2. We thank you for your patience, and we will send out another update once we have resolved the aforementioned issues.


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admin Cregle