iPad & iMac model development update

We mentioned in the previous update that the iPad model will be tested in the Apple’s authorized lab. The testing result came back 2 days ago as shown below with confidential info deleted: 


During an audit, this sample was found to have the following issue:

-The following error message is coming in the ATS log


Accessory did not stop drawing high power within 1 second after being notified to switch from Intermittent High Power mode to Low Power mode

MFi Spec Reference  

File:Accessory Interface Specification R14 Section: Exiting Intermittent High Power Mode


The good news is that the testing result only has one minor issue, and we just fix the bug and prepare the sample for testing again. Once Apple approves iPen 2, we will be able to begin production in few days. In the meantime, we’re also filing the FCC and CE certification for iPen 2.

The iMac model

After extensive calibration testing, we have to switch to higher resolution sensor for accuracy because the 27” iMac screen is 4 times bigger than the iPad screen. Unfortunately, there is no existing sensor available, so we have to build it from scratch. We expect the new sensor will take 45 days to complete. By upgrading to the new sensor, we want to ensure iPen has the excellent performance on iMac. Due to the increasing production cost, we also have to increase the retail price to $219, but it will not affect your original pledge. The new sensor is our last challenge for the development. We will let you know once the new sensor is complete.



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