Still waiting for MFi approval...

The waiting of getting MFi approval takes longer than we expect. As we mentioned previously, we have to revise our product plan due to specs change. The iPen receiver has the micro-usb interface to charge the stylus. And this feature has to be reviewed by Apple’s engineer. We assume our design is a special case that requires Apple’s extra review. However, we don’t know how much longer this will take. If there is any update from Apple, we will let you know.

iMac model – new HD sensor built

The new HD sensor sample for iMac model is ready for testing now. As all our resource has put into the development of iPad model now, we will begin the testing by the middle of July.

iPen 2 vs. ink / Jot Script

Some backers are concerned about the recent competition, and wonder if iPen 2 is any better than the new Jot Touch. Different from any existing active stylus such as Cregle ink or Jot Script/Touch, iPen 2 does not rely on touch screen signal for digital inking. We build iPen 2 for professional painters, and the accuracy is the most important cornerstone. From our testing with Jot Touch (see the following video), you will see its precision is not angle agnostic. The precision is no easy task for making stylus. It takes us 2 years to get this right not without your extreme patience and support.

admin Cregle
admin Cregle