Initial MFi Testing for iPen 2 Scheduled for Next Week

We’re very close to the release date, and we’re confident you will enjoy the excellent performance of iPen 2. The iPen 2 goes to Apple for initial MFi approval next week. During this initial testing, Apple will test the iPen 2 for voltage consumption, third party app compatibility, and safety. We expect the initial app integration will be ready this week, and will send out the sample to Apple between April 8th and April 10th. After we pass the initial testing, we expect to send the retail unit to Apple for final approval between April 14th and April 25th. It should take 2 to 3 weeks to get the final approval. If all goes as planned and Apple’s approval process adheres to the time table, we should ship out the iPen 2 for retail sale by mid to late May.

In the meantime, iPen 2 has to be approved by the FCC and earn standard safety certifications. We are also working with our existing app partners (e.g. Goodnotes, ibisPaint, Noteshelf, Sketch, etc.) for further integration. Once our initial integration is complete, we will send an evaluation kit to other app developers such as Adobe, Procreate, and Sketchbook. If you would like your favorite apps to work with iPen, you can ask your app developer to access our public SDK here.

The iMac Model Progress

We have finished the revised mechanical design for the iMac model, and will start to build the engineering sample very soon. Once this sample is complete, we will issue an update. We expect to release the iMac model in this July.

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admin Cregle