iPen 2 Production Schedule - iPad model

As we near mass production, our confidence in our product grows. Our hard work for these past 23 months has resulted in an outstanding stylus, far superior to the competition. While a design that fit the iPad case would have been ideal, we are pleased that our revised design allows for superior performance. Due to the Chinese New Year, we will review our T0 sample (iPad model) this week, and expect to have the T1 sample ready by February 26th. The following are our main production milestones:

  • February 19th SMT/PCBA Testing (revised version) 
  • February 24th Engineering Run Assembly/Test
  • February 27th - March 13th MFi Review I
  • March 14th - March 17th Possible Revision after MFi Review I
  • March 26th Production Run Assembly/Test
  • April 1st – April 8th MFi Review II
  • April 9th – April 11th Mass Production

We are actively mitigating risks inherent to mass production. Cregle is now building several customized testing tools and software to control quality in the assembly line. We’ve learned that each receiver must be manually adjusted in the assembly line, due to the precise angle necessary for the sensors on the receiver, and we are taking steps to make mass production as smooth as possible.

The iPen 2 will release with 2 additional apps: Calibrator and Showroom. The calibrator app will allow users to calibrate the iPen 2 and configure other settings; and with Showroom, users can try iPen 2 with potential features that are available to app developers to integrate through our public SDK. The following videos are taken with our engineering sample. We will release more videos when our T1 sample is ready.

We are excited that the iPen 2 performance is far superior to that of our competitors. Its accuracy, palm rejection, and ability to write on non-touch screens validate our efforts and your support. We’re pleased to report that development for the iMac model is progressing nicely. Your patience will pay off. Thank you for continuing to give us the time to focus our attention on finishing what we started, and bringing this product to the world.

Warm Regards,


admin Cregle
admin Cregle