Development Update for iMac Model

We have decided to upgrade the performance of our iMac receiver by converting it from the original wireless design into a wired version. The new wired version has far superior battery life and a much more pleasing aesthetic.

We are working on finalizing the customized cable for the iMac receiver. This special design cable will have six interior wires for power and communication between the iMac and iPen. Once we ascertain the exact dimension of this customized cable, we will finalize the iMac receiver design; a design which will not only allow for optimal performance, but will be sleek and attractive as well (as the receiver does not house a battery).

Below you’ll find the stylus stand and charger for the iMac model, which will allow for easy storing and charging of your iPen. We look forward to bringing you the next update which will include our progress and images of our newly designed receiver.

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