What is the difference between iMac model and iPad model?
The stylus is the same, but the receivers are different. If you have iMac and iPad, you can just get one stylus with two different receivers.

Which iMac models are iPen 2 compatible with?
iPen 2 is compatible with all iMac models since 2007, including new iMac.

Can I use iPen 2 in New iMac?
Yes, iPen 2 is compatible with New iMac.

Is iPen 2 compatible with Sketchbook and Painter in Mac OS X and Windows?

 Is there a calibration app for Mac OS or Windows?

Yes, iPen 2 will come with calibration driver for Mac OS and Windows.

Is iPen 2 compatible with iPad 2 or iPad 3 with 30 pin connector?

Yes. iPen 2 has two models for iPad, i.e., 30-pin model and Lightning connector model.
I live outside of United Sates. Do I need to pay for Tax/VAT?
Yes! All international customers are required to pay the tax. We'll try to lower the invoice value to lower the fee.
How long does it take for int’l backer to receive iPen 2?
If you request to ship by USPS, it will arrive in 14 to 45 days. If you request to ship by FedEx, it will arrive in a week.
I want to flip down my iMac to draw. What can I do that?
We would love to design iMac stand for iPen 2 if we have enough funding. You can also check out the wall mount at the Apple Store http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_mac/mac_accessories/displays  
I've iPen 1 and I need to calibrate in each supported apps. Is iPen 2 any better?
You do not need to calibrate every time for iPen 2. iPen 2 will have standalone calibration app, and it will store the calibration data for each supported apps.

Does iPen 2 scratch my iMac screen?

No! We will provide screen protector for iMac users.
Will the pen tips wear down over time and need to be replaced?
Yes, and we will provide replacement tips.

Does iPen 2 have "Palm Rejection"?

Yes, iPen 2 has palm rejection. In iMac, its screen is not a touch screen, so iMac will only register the iPen 2 signal, not your finger. In iPad, we're asking app developer to turn off iPad multi gesture feature while connected to iPen. This will avoid the conflict between iPen palm rejection and iPad multi gesture feature.