Using technology to bring out the best in us

At Cregle, we believe that greatness starts with the simplest of tools: pen on paper. Think of Da Vinci sketching the Mona Lisa, Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence, the Wright Brothers drawing plans for the first airplane, and Walt Disney creating Mickey Mouse. In business, education, and the arts, pen on paper is the most fundamental tool there is for creating and innovating. Something as simple as taking notes, even doodling, helps us remember, comprehend, and synthesize what we learn and what we know. But in the age of computers, the spontaneity and intimacy of pen and paper are lost, forever constrained by the keyboard.


Until now. Until the Cregle iPen.

The iPen revolutionizes what you can do with a pen or with a computer by combining the best of both to give you new capabilities that far exceed the sum of the parts. The iPen is an elegant stylus that writes on every computer screen, for every user, just like a pen on paper. With an enhanced API and third party app integration, the Cregle iPen gives you what you can’t get with a keyboard or the hunt-and-peck fingering of tablets. The Cregle iPen restores the purity and simplicity of what you’ve known how to do since you were a child by allowing you to write on any computer screen as naturally as you would write on a piece of paper. Experience the difference that familiarity makes. Rediscover what makes you great, with the Cregle iPen.